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VDK NaturaSyn Co. Ltd, Baoding, PRC emerged from BLRH in 2021 fosters innovative R&D, translational production & global sales of biologically-sustainable high-value products including food & dietary supplement ingredients & API. Its flagship 5-hydroxytryptophan along with newly rolled out high-quality melatonin, resveratrol, Sclareol via nature-based synthetic biology bridges the supply-demand gaps both at home & abroad. Its 30-acre campus with CNY260M investment nurtures its continuing success & growth.

VDK focuses on sustainable, green and affordable biomanufacturing of high-quality natural ingredients. Relying on NaturaSyn technologies, VDK makes functional substances through microbial cell factories, solving a series of issues restricting production rate, quality and affordability of products from plant extraction.Buy 5-hydroxytryptophan, melatonin, resveratrol and Sclareol from VDK NaturaSyn. 

VDK’s 4 business pillars: 1) exploring metabolic pathways, key enzymes and genes involved in biosynthesis; 2) improving catalytic efficiency and selectivity of enzymes via evolution and HTS; 3) reconstructing/culturing natural microorganisms to achieve optimal yield; 4) realizing large-scale biomanufacturing in cell factories.

VDK's quality and safety systems according to cGMP and HACCP, have passed ISO22000, FSSC2000 Kosher and Halal certifications; and our certifications of quality, environ compliance, occupational safety, and health management system fully meet the needs of diversified users. VDK adheres to its original spirit of “ameliorating the natural environment and improving human health”. VDK intends to conduct R&D and production using translational green tech, enact transformation of economic development, and help to achieve global sustainability.